Public apology to anyone who I may have offended, pissed off, or bored to death. Never my intent in any post to be mean, snarky, or to be an attention seeker. I did and do have some issues in my life that tend to eek out everywhere when I don't deal with them. I want to shout out my thanks for the support I've received here. This board has actually helped me IRL. I'm growing and becoming more of the person I was meant to be and less of the person I was becoming. It's in my nature to be smart, funny, supportive, and *gasp* not ignorant. I think I've acted the way I have in the past due to nuture/lack of through my youth. But it's waaaay past time to let those go and get beyond. My intent is to be able to help and counsel others and I will be going back to school soon to be a nutritionist (hence all the food questions) and I ask a lot of questions to see how people will react and how they think. I like to understand why people are they way they are.

Not a board suicide, not a good bye just an acknowledgement and a thank you.

No need to reply. Just wanted to get his out.

Growing pains h-u-r-t! But growth rocks.