It's not your hair.
Stop acting like it's such a burden on you.
Before today, you haven't helped me with it since December.
I buy the majority of my products. And what you do buy is around 1-3$ and that happens less than once a month.
I don't want a "curly perm" or a texlax.
So stop "considering" it. You kept complaining about how much the relaxer cost before and made me go natural. This costs more and now I don't even have a choice about it. Really? That's bull.
I like my hair just the way it is.
I know it's so horrible that I actually like the way I look at the moment, especially since I'm a teen girl.
No, my curls dont need to always be defined.
Don't say being mixed leaves you stuck with "that". That's just ignorant.
No, I don't want it straight for every "special occasion" nor do I want it straight for the dance next month.
I've had four "special occasions" since my hairs last been straightened, but you wouldn't know that since all that matters right now to you is your school work.
Quite frankly, I don't care if you don't like my hair.
If you don't like it, then you can do it every morning.
Until then, leave it be.
Just like Rina said, if you're not the one doing it, don't worry about it.


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