I've tried the boar bristle brush out method posted here as well as the braiding method. I haven't tried the coil-and-pin-to head method b/c I have a feeling it will produce the same results as braiding.

Nothing's really working for me...I think my hair is just too poofy to do waves. (No matter how much I moisturize my hair and give it protein, it remains dry looking and feeling. I think because my curls are utra-fine I'll never achieve that 'sleek' hair look.) The poofier I make my hair, the drier it looks.

I also have some pretty disobedient curls at the top sides of my head that like to lie flat and then poof out at my ears if I don't watch it. So when I did the beach wave techniques, it was even more prominent. I don't think I was meant to have waves.
I have heard something about using sea salt to achieve a beach wave look....anyone know anything about this?
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