@ellepixie your Curls are so prettyyyyy!! Your hair has grown a lot

I have given up on what my curl pattern is as well..the longer it gets the tighter my coils are...but I don't mind it at all...My hair has changed a lot as we can see LOL

BC: Jan 1, 2010
Hair Type: Curly (who knows), Color Treated
Conditioner: TJ Nourish Spa, Suave Tropical Coconut
DC: HV Vatika Frosting, TJ Nourish Spa, Joico K-Pak
Leave In: KCNT, KBB Milk, KBB Nectar
Moisturizer: KBB Milk, QBRC
Sealant: HV Cocasta Oil
Stylers: AV Whipped Gelly, HV Whipped Gelly, UFD Butter