Hi, my name is Nikki and I am new to the forum, but have used this site for information for a few months. I have naturally curly hair and am somewhere between a 2b & 3a. I have colored my own hair for years, but had a recent color disaster. 3 days ago, I had my stylist strip the bad color and follow up with a fresh color and new highlights. She did some sort of toners in between. I left with wet hair because I had been there for almost 4 hours and was ready to go home. My hair looked kind of weird, but I thought it was because we hadn't styled it. I was wrong - it is severely damaged and my curls look like flat straw. There is no roundness to them. I called the next day and she had me do an at home deep conditioning. That didn't help, so I did a hot oil treatment. Still - flat zig zag looking hair, with no curl. Please help!


Augusta, GA