I have been researching and considering the Brazilian Keratin Treatment for almost 2 years, now. I finally decided to get the service and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I am so happy that I wanted to share my experience with other women with Black or African American hair types (which is very common in Brazil).

Here is some background, first and foremost:

I believe that I am 3c or 4a, but I am not certain. I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair and did not want to do the big chop until I had at least a year of new growth. It has been 24 weeks since my last relaxer. My hair is layered and the back length is just beginning to reach my shoulders. I go to a Dominican salon weekly and get a roller set and then have my roots blown straight to match the texture of my relaxed hair. I do not use heat on my hair throughout the week. I wrap my hair each night to protect it and to avoid the need for flat or curling irons. If I do my own hair, I am not able to get my roots straight, so it is very "puffy" and full. When I do my own hair, I let it air dry in a pony tail (or I sit under a hooded dryer) and then I blow it dry at the roots to try and smooth them, if necessary. Finally, I flat iron my hair. I use my flat iron to make curls, also. When I do my own hair, it does not come out as shiny or soft as when I go to the salon. In fact, it looks a bit more dry and frizzy when I do it myself, but not terrible.

I decided to try the BKT in order to manage my natural hair through the heat and humidity of summer. I also read from others that it helps to reduce breakage and is recommended when transitioning from relaxed to natural. My stylist also recommended it to help me manage my hair better on my own, as I was going to her once a week and it is getting expensive as I have more and more new growth.

La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment:

My stylist uses La Brasiliana Zero for her BKT's. The entire process took 4 hours. The treatment has to stay in your hair for 4 days. During this time you are not able to get your hair wet or bend or clip your hair in any way. I did carefully wrap my hair and tie it with a scarf at night however, without leaving any clips or pins in it, as this would create an imprint on the hair. My hair was bone straight like a fresh relaxer, but very waxy to the touch. The hair strands were also a bit "sticky" and I found myself running a detangling comb through it often to keep the hairs from clumping together. The keratin coats the hair shaft and "cures" during this 4 day period.

First Shampoo After BKT:

I could not wait to wash the treatment out of my hair. I did not like the 4 day waiting period at all, as my hair was very limp and stuck to my head. Although, when the wind blew, my hair moved like crazy. I used only the products provided by my stylist, as you can easily strip the BKT from your hair by using shampoo/conditioner with sulfates or sodium. She recommended Smart Protection products (shampoo/conditioner/leave in) by Infinite Colors. After washing/conditioning, I noticed that my natural hair still curled up at the roots, but it was not nearly as puffy and it was very easy to comb. My "S" curl pattern was much looser, soft, had great "slip" and was not tangled. My natural and relaxed hair was very soft and slick in every way! After I let it air dry in a pony tail, I blow dried and flat ironed my hair in 35 minutes! My natural roots were completely straight without much effort and blended perfectly with my relaxed hair. My hair was super shiny, super soft, silky and swinging! I couldn't believe it was MY hair. The movement was incredible. I LOVE IT! I am so pleased that I want to share this with anyone who has been a slave to a relaxer and is tired of chemically altering the core structure of their hair. The BKT is not permanent. In fact, it is a protective coating on the hair and washes out over 3-6 months, depending on how frequently you wash your hair.

The biggest surprise has been how well my hair holds up in sweltering heat, rain and humidity. We had 88 degree heat with very high humidity and my a/c unit failed. I was sweating and could hardly breathe, but my hair was still BEAUTIFUL! The next day when the a/c repair man came, I had to go outside in high humidity and light rain and my hair did not revert, puff or even frizz! AMAZING! I am definitely hooked!