Hi I'm new I've been lurking around, but I have a question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. I take a shower in the evening cause I have to get up early for work. However I don't know how I"m supposed to do the CG routine if when I wake up, my hair is all snarled and frizzy! Mind you I have not totally started yet (just started replacing cone products, stopped straightening hair, scrunching hair so it waves/curles). For example last night after I washed my hair, I gently ran a comb through it and put gel in. My hair ended up looking not bad! Except this morning I woke up and it's a ball of frizz, and I feel like I have to brush it or I would look crappy. So what should I do? I really really don't want to add too much time to my morning routine!

And I know people have said tie your hair back, but if I wear my hair back all night it will have a big "dent" in it when I take it out