I agree with the cust. svc. Duly noted on the no WnG. How long does it take you to do your hair normally and how long does your style typically last? I do protective styles and they take me forever and only last three days max.
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Two-strands twists take forever....hours. I'm considering going to the salon. I just can't do it anymore....and they don't look the best when I do them, because I can't get the back right. So, all that time, for less-than-stellar results? No more.

Now, braids for braidouts take the shortest amount of time, which is what I've been doing lately. I haven't timed how long it takes...I'm guessing a little over an hour, maybe?

A twistout/braidout will last me about 5 days...without rebraiding nightly, and that's because I wash every 5-7 days. I may touch up (rebraid) a small section in the front, because the texture is looser. The back section of my hair could probably go for 10 days. It holds definition that well....even with misting with water-based leave-ins.
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I got the Afroveda as well as Qhemet to see if the product changes would make the difference. I've yet to test but I'm hoping it will. It would be nice not to have to wet my hair daily to get a result.
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