I've been using neutrogena t gel for years for seborrheic dermatitis. I use it when I wash my hair every other day. However, I sometimes have intense itch on those days in between. Should I be using something else?

Also, I know it contains sodium laureth sulfate which is harsh. Is there any dandruff shampoo that doesn't contain sulfate?
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I think there is a line on CurlMart call Max Alchemist. Its claims to be a dandruff shampoo without sulfate.

I have searched YEARS for a shampoo that will take the S. Dermatitis away. And I have found it in Dermarest. Its usually right beside the Nuetrogena. That stuff work GREAT for me.

I LOVE it because it has a conditioner in it too, so it doesn't strip my hair of moisture like other products do.

If you can I would try that. I have even mixed the Dermarest and a tar shampoo (like Nuetragena).

I think that might be a good try for you. You might be experiencing that the Nuetragena is too drying for your scalp and the Dermarest + Nuetrgena might give you the added moisture that you need!

Hope that helps!
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