I have been having a lot of good hair days using flax seed gel and pure aloe vera (strained to get all the pulp out). My hair feels so soft and light and there is no residue, I have heard good things about adding Marshmallow root as well but I haven't tried that yet. I have tried flax gel alone and it was too strong and aloe v alone was too light but half and half proved perfect for me. Hope that helps
3B/3C Thick Wavy/Curly
Currently battling the damage from weekly flat ironing and permanent dye.
GOAL: BSL (when curly) All Natural Healthy Hair.
Co Wash: Trader Joe Tea Tree Conditioner (great stuff!)
DC: KBB Hair Mask, Yes to Carrots deep conditioner
Style: Flax seed gel with Aloe, Avocado oil
Treatments: BAQ Henna