Another thing...if you're new to swapping, don't try to swap until you have a full understanding of how it works. It's not that hard to figure out how it works. But if it is hard, then don't swap until you get it.

Again, I hate to sound mean, but really, folks need to grow up.

Note: "You" means anybody.

Why would you send products in an "unprotected" state? I HATE to receive boxes, with spilled products inside.

Why would you send products with your "hairs" included in the jar? Why? That's triflin'. I don't want MY hairs in my products, let alone yours.

Why would you send a product, without checking to make sure it hasn't separated, doesn't have mold growing in it, and hasn't dried up? That's nasty.

Once you take someone's money/product, you're obligated to send the items you agreed to a timely manner. Why is that not clear?

Computer failure, family emergencies, etc., don't excuse your responsibility to communicate with folks who've purchased/swapped with you. Let them know what's going on. Most people are reasonable. If you have to ask a friend to check your emails and reply to any inquiries, do that.

Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with people.
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ITA. I feel like it is the responsibility of the seller to maintain contact with the buyer and provide delivery confirmation. How else are we supposed to track packages??? And I feel like the seller should make it a priority to ship the sold items within 1-2 business days after receiving the payment. If the buyer has paid you promptly, then why not ship just as promptly? I know we all have jobs and/or other responsibilites but how hard is it to stop at the post office before/after work (or even during lunch) to mail a package? Its only fair.