To my son's therapist:

You are a nosy b*tch, your only concern should be my younger son's development. here is a list of things that are not your concern:

My older son he has seen many doctors for several house and already has a dx, we do not need to to spend less then 5 minutes with him and come up with something completely different, which seems to vary from week to week. He has 4 teachers, 2 speech therapists, a doctor, 2 OTs, a PT and a school counceler to take care of him he does not need you.

I do not need to hear that I am an irresponsible parent for not signing up for such and such program, he was only dx a few months ago, I was told your son has autism, here's a pamplet have a nice day and that was it, his doctor knew very little about autism, we are all learning the hard way. And for crying out loud he's 3, I think signing guardianship papers is a bit premature, I dont think he's going to try and move out on his own anytime soon.

I do not need to hear your opinions of my husbands job.

I do not care to hear your critizisms of my reading/movie choices.

If I thought that going back to college was a possiblity at this time I would do it, but not until I can actually decide what it is that I want to do, and actually make money at, or would be practical for my family situation.

I do not care to hear your opinion about how I run my house.

I do not care to hear your solutions to organize my schedule.

I do not care about your opinion of my interests, my wallpaper on my computer, my choice of decorations or anything else that doesn't involve the child you are supposed to be helping.

Yes I smoke, and yes dying of lung cancer is not a pretty death, but is there any "pretty" death. I recently have had several relatives die of various causes and it wasn't pretty. even dying of just plain old old-age is not pretty.

And lets talk about your child care opinions for a seconds. Extreme exacterations are not the best way to talk. I realize it's been a like 10 years since I graduated from high school. But I don't remember hearing any stories of teenage boys who still: jumped on their beds, slept with their parents. nor do I know anybody in their 20's that still bathe with their parents.

You were hired to help my youngest to catch up with his development, teach him to talk, and help with his frustration tolerance, and I dont think putting him in situations where he can't fail will help with that. You spend more time lecturing me on everything else then working with my son. You are only here until the therapist that I want has a free spot and if you don't shut your f---king mouth you won't last that long.