And I love it! I just bought some after all of the comments on Phytodefrissant. I already had that stuff, but it made me go back and look at what else they offer. I have really fine hair and lots of leave in conditioners weigh my hair down too much. This stuff just sinks right in but leaves my hair soooo soft!! It smells like macadamia nuts and is a creamy consistency, but instead of slicking over my hair the way most leave-ins feel, this seems to absorb the second it touches my hair. It doesn't weigh my curls down at all.

I straightened my hair yesterday and wow! My hair is so silky and soft!! Of course I also used Phytodefrissant, but I've used it countless times before and never had my hair feel so soft and healthy.

Here's the only downside, it's super expensive. I had no idea that the tube would be so small when I paid $24 for it! I'm torn, I love the stuff, but knowing if I used as much as I'd prefer, I'd go through a tube in probably less than a month. If anyone knows where I can get it at a discount, I'd love to know.
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls