Its not like a cream or butter. It's almost the consistency of lotion but thicker. It isn't a loose pudding but mid way thickish. It has a fruity smell as well. I usually only style weekly so I wasn't going to try it out. I should be receiving my Alikay Natural products tomorrow, if so I will wash my hair and let you know how I like the pudding.

I was tempted to buy Upper Management from Kiss my Face today but passed.. (yeah I know..LOL)[/QUOTE]

Well I went to walgreens to scope out some Long Aid CAG but the tub was too big. I would be stuck with a huge tub of it so I passed.

I did leave with a tub of ORS olive oil smooth n hold pudding.
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OMG!! I keep passing passing that all the time tempted to try it but unsure how to use it. How diff is it from the AV butters and QB?