They look really nice! I was practicing this weekend but I swear, I am SO bad at braiding hair with any type of extension. You can always see my real hair poking out the braids and being all fuzzy, ya know? I had to braid the same braid like 8 times just so it would look somewhat neat.

Once I braid my whole head later this month, it's going to take foreeever omg.
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Thanks for the compliment. As far as getting the technique down for braiding the yarn, I liked this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewj2A...eature=related. Although I think next I will take the pp suggestion and do twists. I saw a video earlier on how someone twisted, but I can't find. I just keep finding videos of those who twist, but would braid the hair first. Oh well.

And about cutting down on the fuzziness, maybe you can blowdry the hair first. I didn't blowdry, and I did have a little bit of fuzziness (guess it just didn't show up on camera), but I think my trimming my ends and straightening my hair the week prior probably cut down on the amount of fuzz I had. The fuzz doesn't bother me.

Good luck with your braiding.