I think ensuring that the cord is not cut until it stops pulsing is a great way to ensure baby gets his iron stores for that first year. I've done it with all of mine and their hematocrit levels at their checkups have been wonderful (and I delay solids until very close to the first year when we do straight table food and just for play pretty much).

To the OP we didn't do cereal, juices, milk or any type of babyfood. Around the 10-11 month period I allow my babies to eat off my plate and will put stuff in front of them for them to eat independently. They don't start making meals of solids until 15ish months but my babies are solid rolls even on breastmilk alone and don't need any type of multivitamin supplementation (I do begin vitamin D3 when they begin to eat independently, carlson's makes a good one).