I'm considering yarn braids as my protective style next winter (I know a ways away) and have a few questions for the ladies who've had them.

Is the yarn heavy on your head? I wouldn't imagine it so but no clue

Is the yarn drying to the hair? and Does the yarn cause split ends?
I only ask because I take great effort in making sure the only cloth-like material my hair touches is satin... satin pillowcases, scarves, bonnets etc. and to protect my hair from my cotton shirts I either wear it up or moisturize and seal when its down.

Thanks ladies
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The yarn is not heavy at all. Honestly, weightwise, it feels just like my hair.

Being that it is my first time doing the yarn braids, I'm not sure if I could fully answer the questions yet and would have to wait for the takedown. But from what i've heard, the yarn actually helps retain moisture better and as long as you properly take them down (no pulling or yanking, maybe adding an oil or conditioner for slip) they should be fine and you shouldn't have any split ends. HTH
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Thanks kandiekj100, your yarn braids look so nice
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