I have been doing the OCM for 4 months now, it's the best thing I have ever used on my face, and like most I have tried it all.
I use 75% castor, 20% jojoba, 5% grapeseed, with a few drops of EO lavender and tea tree oil. I had to adjust the % to my skin. My skin is oily,with acne at times.
This leaves my skin soft, not tight, removes all pore clogging crap, and appears to shrinks my pores. The longer I do it the better my skin looks and feels. I get compliments on my skin now, which for my bad skin is not the norm.
This is also cheap compared to all the money I use to spend on my face. Which means I can buy more hair stuff.
Thanks to all the OCM curlies for their posts!!!!!!!!