The front of my hair grows super super fast and i always get it cut (im doing it today aswell). Its the only part that is being bleached and straightened aswell, its soooo weird.
If the rest of my hair grew the same, i would have been able to have tailbone length in a years time!!! Its so sad
Hair type Mostly 3C! Thin and quite Porous (I think?)
Current length Just past shoulders (stretched/soaking wet) and just above my shoulders (unstretched/dry)
Hair Goal BSL

Poo HE Hello Hydration Shampoo/Tresemme Thermal Recovery
Co-Wash Tresemme Anti Breakage/ HE Hello Hydration/VO5 Elixir
Styling/Sealing Coconut Oil, EVOO, IC Fantasia Olive Styling Gel
Extras ACV rinses, Bagging, Dusting, Egg protein Treatment