So I looked at all the ingredients in my CJ products, which are my hg line. The two products that cause me the most itch, CIAB and the Smoothing Gellie have Propelyne glycol in them. The H&BDT has it, but it doesn't make me itch (I think....I haven't used it in a week or so). My LALCG has it WAY up on the list, and I've been having some minor itching recently that is easy to ignore so I'm not concerned, but who knows. But....HOLY CRAP....EVERY product I checked that makes me itch like the dickens has it up high in the list of ingredients!!!! Or has multiple glycol sensitive ingredients in them!

So this totally makes me think, have I been simply allergic to glycol all this time???? At least I can still use my cj if I am, it doesn't bother me....but WOW.....
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