So this totally makes me think, have I been simply allergic to glycol all this time???? At least I can still use my cj if I am, it doesn't bother me....but WOW.....
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I know! I'd been using organic products for the past couple of months while at college and now since I'm home in Puerto Rico I didn't want to bother with shipping and handling, etc. Surprise surprise! I used Garnier Triple Nutrition and LA Looks Wet Look gel and the itch was super noticeable! It made me think back to the itch I had through most of middle school and high school, even this year when I used a Tresemme gel (Checked it out and yep -- propylene glycol, among others) in my hair before going CG.

I placed an order for Aubrey Organics last night: Moisture, Protein, B5 Gel and the Mandarin Magic. (I'm dying to try the MM!) I'm definitely not putting myself through Itch City again!
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I'm not kidding, I've been going through everything I use that could have PG in totally explains a lot. I have had HUGE headaches from the dh's pipe tobacco that he recently started using again (it's in there to keep the tobacco hydrated!) and it even explains those. I was using Clinique skincare for my sensitive skin and reacted to it, it's in there....but I don't react to MAC skincare and it's NOT in MAC.

I've tried the B5 and it was ok. Haven't tried the MM I may have to get some. The only thing with hold I have onhand right now that doesn't have it in it is my KCCC and it takes FOREVER to dry. LOL....I'm sure I'll be experimenting over the next few weeks.
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