If you haven't done it yet, you may want to reconsider, unless you really don't like your current hair! I had the brazilian tx done 12-months ago and still don't have my curls back! 3b curls. It was such a dissapointment to me that I had to blow and flat iron my hair after the tx to get it into a decent style. Plus, that just caused my hair to split, break off, and fall out! The stylist told me it would only last 3-4 months. That was a lie!
I'm just starting to see a couple of inches of new growth curls. The rest is mostly wavy. I'm really scared that my hair won't be the same after it finally grows back in. My hair is about mid back lenght. Can you imagine how long it's going to take to come back!
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Wow, that is a very unfortunate scenario! What brand of the treatment did she use on your hair? A keratin treatment is simply a protective coating over the hair shaft and washes out over time. It is not supposed to alter the structure of your hair like a relaxer does. There is definitely a difference in the various brands of keratin treatments and even the expertise of stylists that apply it. That is why I did so much research before I got mine. I am still very happy with my results and will definitely do it again.