Hello my Sisters,

I was reading the posts, and I had to add my two cents.

First off...a texturizer IS A relaxer...don't be fooled, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If it chemically loosens the curl, it is a relaxer. Remember the saying, "walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck".

I have very thick, dense, type 4a hair. When it's natural, I have to wet it to comb it.

And just in case anyone is wondering, I am not bi-racial, I am Black. I have a little Native Amer. and Euro waaaaaaaay back, but African is the pre-dominant ancestry ( as is the case with many Afro-Amer. ), so, I am Black.

I was natural for about 11 years. Working as a nurse, I had the freedom to do what I wanted with my hair, I wore braids, twists, afro-puffs, etc.. I had a career transition and got a corporate job, and yes, I succumbed to the pressure of the corp. world and decided to relax my hair.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my natural Black hair, so I didn't want it bone straight, I wanted to maintain some of my coils and curls so I decided to use a texturizer. Besides, I used a bone straight relaxer for most of my life ( my poor Mom had a hard time with my thick, dense, hair, so at age nine, she relaxed it).

The standard bone straight relaxers were terrible, my hair was consistently damaged and breaking. So, texturizers seemed to be the obvious choice.

I trusted the "stylist" with my hair, and allowed her to apply a so-called texturizer that they used in the salon, to my hair. Bad, bad decision. My hair went from scalp to floor.

I decided to try a new salon, AND bring my own kit. I happend upon the aforementioned product and decided to try it. Well, it has been almost three years, and I am very pleased with the results.

My hair is straighter than I would have liked it, but it is not bone straight. Unless you are wearing a short, pixie style, never, ever relax your hair until it is bone straight. If your hair is medium to long, allowing it to maintain a little of it's natural curn pattern will produce relaxed hair that has more body and bounce, making it healthier looking.

PLEASE NOTE: Any process that breaks the disulfide bonds of the hair strands, rendering them impossible to re-form, will without question, cause damage.

After you apply the relaxer, the damage has been done, that is a fact, BUT there are things you can do to help your hair maintain strength, and vitality.

1. As I mentioned earlier, unless your hair is styled in a short, pixie cut, do not relax your hair until it is bone straight. Your hair needs body in order to look healthy and vital. For medium to long hair, try using a texturizer like Just for Me. Your hair will look thicker and will have more bounce. I have seen ladies with hair relaxed so straight, it looks like it has been glued down....NOT a good look!

2. If relaxing at home, please make sure all of the relaxer has been washed out. Wash at least 3-4 times, then apply a deep conditioner. I use Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner, follow package directions. If I have it, I add a little almond, avocado, coconut, wheat germ, and/or vitamin e oil, and shea butter to the conditioner. These oils are great for adding softness and shine. After hair has been conditioned, gently rinse out the conditioner with lukewarm/warm water. NOT HOT. Wring out your hair, do not rub it with a towel, this will cause even more damage. I recommend roller setting. If you choose to roller set or blow dry, use a leave-in conditioner. I use Infusium 23. Make sure your hair is well coated with it. Don't over use it, but dont under use it...use your discretion. Proceed to roller set hair. If you want your hair to appear straighter, you may use a CERAMIC flat-iron or curling iron to get it straighter, BUT do two very important things. Use an alcohol free heat protecting spray before using the iron ( I use Nexxus Heat Protexx), and keep the iron at it's lowest setting; too much heat is a bad move.

3. For hair washing in-between relaxers. Wash your hair every 5-7 days. Shampoo with a quality product, I use Dove Intense Moisture shampoo, always deep condition, and follow the steps I outlined in section 2. Wait at least 8 weeks before relaxing again.

If you have questions, suggestions, or want more info. Contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Peace, love and tranquility y'all!