oh yea, one more thing.

i agree with the Sisters who wrote that relaxers dont belong in children's heads.

it causes serious damage, and in my opinion, affects self-esteem

if you are a grown-up, and happy with yourself, do what you want.

but little girls are still forming opinions of themselves, so give them a chance to form an opinion of themselves as they really are. when they are older, and decide they want to relax well...talk about it.

I'm not knocking my Mom for relaxing my hair. She did the best she could, but it became too difficult for her. Even Black mothers have a hard time doing their daughter's natural hair. Luckily, my parents told me I was their beautiful baby girl, with natural hair, relaxed hair..whatever!

And if there are any White moms of Black/White bi-racial or Black children reading this, if you are having difficulty with your child's hair, dont worry about it. Some Black mothers have a hard time too, but if you have Black friends or coworkers that you trust, reach out and ask for advice. Comb the Internet for advice, and buy a couple books. I strongly recommend, No Lye by Tulani Kinard. It is an excellent guide for caring for natural Black hair.

Finally, this goes out to BOTH White mothers and Black mothers, please, dont allow your child to feel like their hair is a problem. If you notice that your child is embarrased or ashamed of their hair. Nip it in the bud right away.

OK I've added to two cents!

peace )