So it's henna, which is probably a no-go for you, TA, but I don't think you're going to be missing much, as the application process is akin to dumping liquid Sharpie all over your head, *plus* it's done on wet hair, which makes it impossible to tell if application is even. I'm mildly terrified of the results (which I will have in another 45 minutes or so), but if the color is decent it may get me back to actual BAQ henna -- I'll just have to try the tub-soak-n-swish rinse method to see if I can circumvent the neck strain..."
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CurlyToast, you've got me LMAO with that bolded comment above!
SO, what happened after the 45 minutes was up...d
id it work for you???

Henna is such a process especially when I only color my hairline (face framing) the majority of times...only when I NEED to, do I do the whole head. So it sounds like any of these henna types aren't going to do the trick for me (or you). DARN! I was REALLY hoping to find an answer in these types of products, but I guess it's PPD and a lot of detoxing...UGH!

Victoria Regia...thank you so much for your input!!!
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