I absolutely *loved* the results . . . if only they'd stuck around more than 2 weeks. Despite being a really stupid application consistency and procedure (very thin, done on wet hair), the black gave me a perfect deeeeeeeep espresso color and loads of shine.

And then, it went away.

So, now I have a head full of mud (again), and am preparing to sleep with my pillow wrapped in a towel. *sigh*

When I used to henna, I did a full head application every month (which is about how long it takes for me to get >1/2 inch root growth -- my hair grows like weeds). I'm hoping that after 1-2 full-head applications, I can squeeze 2-3 months of just root touch ups in there, bringing my cervical headache count down to maybe 4 per year. :P

And this time, I added amla -- never did that before, just rocked the slightly looser waves that the henna gave me.

Here goes nothing! :P