Hehe, it is a lot frizzier than those pics, especially the last one let on. Selective photography

I can't detangle solely with my fingers yet though, it gets too knotted overnight, or from being down in the day, even when I'm not doing anything.

I'll chunk the hairspray. I'm also returning the stuff from Avon, since it didn't seem to have an effect on my hair, and has cones in it. On the plus side, it smelled really good :P

Also, I'm going to get a better conditioner. I'll look for one that is cone free, but what should I do with the half bottle(Big bottle) of condish I already have? It has silicones in it, so I can't really use it, yet I've used too much to return it. I think I'll try cutting down on the ammount of stuff I use in my hair. Should I stick with a conditioner and a gel? Also, I want to eventually research it a bit and try a no poo routine, but for now I'd likea gentler poo for it. Is Dove good for that? I see you mentioned their cream styler.