I am finding this thread rather fascinating. I am also allergic to lavender, and can't even tolerate picking up a bottle with lavender in it without my whole arm breaking out in a rash. I hate how they are sticking in it everything nowadays. I am allergic to some other perfumes, but they mostly make my nose itch. I can tell immediately upon sniffing something if I'm allergic to it. The people at Walgreens are used to me by now sniffing the haircare and soap aisles, and the beauty counter girl now keeps recommendations for me.

I started the CG method this morning, but when I went to get the products, I had a terrible time finding a gel that I could tolerate. I bought the SN Coconut conditioner for cowash, and finally settled on Ampro Clear Ice Gel, but I suspect I will be ordering something.

It's nice to see another lavender-allergy sufferer. I've had naturopaths and stylists tell me that a lavender allergy was 'impossible' (despite the fact that studies show that 8-13% of the population is allergic to lavender).