I felt a little guilty because I am the mother of a 22yo girl and sometimes I can be a little critical . I "learned" that from my own mother who qualifies as an "expert" at finding fault so I really try to not be like her so I make a point to compliment her often.

But I was digressing. It's sad that some people are so hung up on having stretched out locks, sometimes they don't care if they're fried to death as long as they're straight. I knows all too well what it's like because I come from a country where the entire population feels that way. I've been back there after CG and when my hair wasn't at its best I had my aunts suggest I do 'this or that'. When I was younger that would have intimidated me, now I just stand my ground and don't let THEIR prejudice bother me. Anyway, in my family they are all very bossy, so it's not just about hair.

So I think you should just ignore her, after all you are 30 years old, she really can't order you to do what she wants about your hair or anything that pertains to your life. Let me tell you something, as long as people feel they can have power over us they will try to exert it and they don't like giving it up easily, so you'll have to become a broken record. I'm sure she's used to telling you what she wants in other areas too. If she says anything again, say "Thanks for the suggestion but it's my hair and I've decided this is how I want to wear it. I would very much appreciate it if you respected my choice and kept your negative opinions to yourself" then turn around and leave the room. If she choosed to "blow a gasket" remind yourself it's nothing but a tantrum. Maybe she'll learn to leave you alone once she realizes you mean business.

Oh, and if she believes in God tell her God would feel insulted that she doesn't like curly hair as He must've loved curls enough to have made them the dominant gene And go on and enjoy the celebration, other company, decorations, food, and presents, it's still a great time of year!
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