Yea these don't bend. This type of clay can be flexible but it usually occurs only in if they are in thin strips.
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So does it look like it could be used as a decorative wall tile? I guess I'm wondering if it would look like wall tile or plastic-y? It's hard to tell from the photos on the site. I'm just wondering if I can have you make a wall decoration as well as some jewelry (after the holidays).
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The neat thing about this medium is that you can get it to mimic just about anything from quartz to jade to opal to turquoise. The list is endless. The only concern I have is that if the image is too large that I transfer I tend to get some buckling in the transfer and it doesn't come out as quite as smooth as I'd like it. But if you have a geometic or pattern in mind that I can copy, I could possibly use exclusively clay to copy it.
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