Shampooed with a goats milk soap bar. Used Yes To Cucumbers conditioner. Did an ACV rinse with honey in it. Scrunched in FSG. Plopped with a hair turban for an hour. Took it down and went to bed.
Looks okay. Not good enough to warrant a picture.

I'm not sure if I need to do a moisture or protein treatment or both, but my hair needs something.
Cleanser: Liquid Castile Soap diluted in a foaming soap dispenser
ACV rinse
Oyin Handmade Greg Juice or Juices and Berries
Stylers: Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd, KCCC, Honey Rinses and BRHG, Crack Leave-in Hair Cream when straightening

Tools: Silk pillowcase, Floursack towels, Jersey T-Shirts, Wide Tooth Comb, Velecta Paramount TGR-VQX Hair Dryer (for when I straighten) and BaByliss PRO Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer