hehe, I originally posted this when it sproinged into my life. Since then I've spotted several other interlopers.

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I shouldn't laugh but that's funny as hayell. The shape reminds me of something but I can't think of what.

I will join this gray journey, although I'm not yet 40 (Nov 4 and I'll be at DisneyWorld with my fav sis!). I got my first gray at 16 and pretty much ignored the rest coming in until I discovered henna. I was fascinated with the color. I pretty much still ignored it while coloring over it.

I finally decided (in March) that I just wanted curls back and decided to ditch the henna. So colored a med-dark brown and I'll probably do one more recolor beginning of july to med brown which is my normal color, then grow gray. I don't like the extreme that I'll see in the mirror with the red dye so I have to come as close as I can.
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