today i used my new recoil sample on water washed hair.. so prob still had a little bit of my last products i used in there, ciab and ccclite mixture..
i think i might likey the recoil! lost a bit of definition in my fine front bits esp the left, but the back turned out great.
I will be interested in how it lasts since i love my FSG but it doesnt hold as long as i would like. Guess i will have to order recoil then... if anyone wants to swap it let me know
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GAH! I will forever be jealous of your hair. Just gorgeous.
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Wavyblonde, do you want it, I will swap for sure?????

rymorg2 you are so good at the abrev's way to go! how did it turn out? I am going to do a protein thing soon, maybe tomorrow.. i have 2 choices a new aubrey conditioner the abg or wateva it is called... or the Sallys version one.. cant remember the name either! im hopeless.. but you know the one i mean right.
2c/3a ? fine/medium iii- tons of it! FL. Suave, TTNG, CJDF co wash, GDLI
HG- FSG, CK, ReCoil, Aldi shique gelee, ACV, ccclite or fsg 4 2nd day sotc:JCNS
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