OK I don't know how many of you saw this but they had a woman on What Not To Wear last night with dreads she had been growing for ten years and they were really scary - lookin'! Nick had to cut them off at the roots where they left sticky, matted knobs on her head. I mean, he practically had to shave her head!

The dreads were HUGE (she had one big huge one that split into two ) and thick and long enough to sit on ( eeewww). They were pretty awful looking.

She ended up with practically no hair that looked just like Nick's. You could tell even when she had the dreads pulling them down she had VERY curly hair right to the roots.

So what is the deal with dreads? Are they considered a curly hairstyle? What is the ettiquette about them? And do you really have to have them cut off at the root if you ever decide to change your hairstyle?

I'm just curious -- I know a few girls with that type of hairstyle and I'm now imagining them as bald old ladies! I mean, her hair was really stuck together like a giant hairball!