I analyzed my hair growth, last night, as I pulled the top of my hair into a pineapple ponytail for bed. First time I've been able to make that work for me. Anyway, I noticed less gray than I did the mousy ash of my original color. It's been about five or six years since I saw that color. My hairline has a few short white hairs that I keep pointing out to people, and nobody can "see" them but me??

One of these days, I will do that transition coloring, I think. Sort of a mid neutral ash brown, with encouraging highlights near the hairline. For me, this is the beginning of growing into gray, I think.

I've still got scalp issues, but have read up about that over here. I now think that I'm one of those people who need to wash my hair on the second or third day, just to keep the buildup away. We shall see.

Love the photo of the short 'do, *A* Curly.