Thanks to all you lovely ladies - especially you, Jeepy, I've been embracing the gray for a few months now! I've never colored my hair so I didn't see gray roots, I just noticed over the past year that I have a some random, coarse, wiry, gray hairs. They are definitely a different texture than my normal, fine hair. Looking on the bright side - I'm hoping that someday they will give me some volume!

Confession time: I guess when I first noticed them, I panicked. Since I only had a few, I just pulled them out - but I've stopped! Really! I promise - no more!!! Unfortunately, my hairdresser was snipping the gray ones off at the roots in my crown and now I have a few sproings like Wild~hair!

I embrace the gray hairs - I've earned every one of them!
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My hairdresser does the same thing!!! It makes no sense to me - the faster they grow, the sooner they'll lay down and blend with the rest of the hair, right? I finally said something to my hairdresser. She tries to be polite about me not coloring my hair - but it's hard for her.

I'm trying to focus more on what I want and not trying to please others - or worry about what they think. I've been a people-pleaser for so long, this is a change for me. And it's refreshing!
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