as i was transitioning i had many compliments from both men and women, young and old, and all supportive. now i am totally white/gray, and still get compliments. one of my clients, a very fashionable woman, said to me that i do not look old with gray hair, still look young. i even get compliments from the other hairstylists and colorists where i get my hair cut (my stylist, carlos flores, was great support throughout the transition period and loves my color).
personally, i think it is how you wear your hair. people who do not have gray but wear an old lady style look old without the gray. i like to think of my hair as platinum!
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: [I] curl junkie products
leave in:cj conditioners and treatments as leave in
styling: cj aloe fix gel, cj pattern pusha, cj honey butta leave in, cj cccc, cj ciab.
sealants - jane carter nourish & shine