Following Advah's post above, I thought I'd try Boosh in Edinburgh's Cowgate. I also read some other reviews (not specifically for curls) and there were lots of positive posts about the place, saying people got tea and biscuits and the staff were very friendly.

When I booked, I said I had curls, and the person on the phone said Mary was the person to see, and she had a cancellation later in the week. Luckily I could make it – other reviewers say she is very popular, so if you want to see Mary you might have to wait.

Mary understands curly hair, and she listens! She sat me down and looked at how my hair grows before someone else washed it. She made some helpful suggestions about how to cut out a lot of the bulk. She gave me a cut with long layers, and didn’t cut too much off. Mary suggested a shorter look, but she could understand how long to takes to grow curly hair so you can see the length. We agreed that we’d start off longer, because if I wanted to I could have more cut off another time.

Mary also showed me a neat trick of twisting lengths of damp hair, which then dry into ringlets. My hair was then dried under a heater, and finished off with a diffuser dryer because it was still damp.

Because of the consultation and the drying, I was in there for 2 hours in the end, but wasn’t charged extra for the time it took – it was £40, which for a city centre salon isn’t bad at all IMO.

The tea and biscuits mentioned by other reviewers were true, and all Mary’s staff are very friendly.

Since I washed my hair myself, I can feel the bulk has been cut out, and it now falls nicely enough to wear loose, whereas before I always felt the back looked a mess.