LOL!! Elle why you calling me out? I wouldn't say I'm the Queen. The Queen is on vacation (Nea) and I'm her second. LOLOL!!!

Do repurchases count towards PJ stripes? I already have Spiral Solutions stuff here... the spray and the deep treatment are new. LOL!!
Originally Posted by Naturalista
Naw....I might be retiring...for good. There's nothing left for me to buy. Between my purchases and the occasional free stuff I get, it's hard to "feel it" now. You know?

Everybody is making variations of a common product. I don't feel the "adventure" and the excitement. Now I did just plunk a RIDICULOUS amount of cash down for the Phytospecific Ultra Nourishing Night Repair Treatment.

One of my good friends SWEARS by this stuff...she uses after flat ironing. Of course, I have to get it...and I love Phyto, although I usually don't use many of the Phtyospecific products, although I did when my hair was relaxed, and I was very pleased. I'm sure I'll like it.

...and no, "repurchases" don't add stripes, cuz everybody has to repurchase their regular stash.
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