Nope, curls are curls.

Dreads are a style that anyone can wear practically with any hair-type. Although today most people with dreads wear manicured locs as many of them are corporate professionals and the old-school wild-man locs ala Rob Zombie or bob Marley would not play in the office.

I like the clothes they let the clients pick out, but I hate the hair-style portion. It's always about what the stylist wants to do to their hair as opposed to if the client wants to keep their lenght or NOT have their hair colored, etc... And while sometimes it works out, he has never not cut a significant amount of someone's hair... But, dreads are like any other low-maint. hairstyle, they still require periodic maintenance (every 8-12 weeks once locks have set) to keep tham looking neat and well groomed.

Pretty celebrity dreads:

Lisa Bonet
Eric Benet

ETA: I'm surprised that they didn't try to take the dreads down first to some extent without just lobbing them off to the new growth. It takes a loooong time if you have a lot of hair, but dreads can be undone and some salons even offer the service (they use conditioner and a special long straight pin for the hair that kind-of looks like a knitting needle)... The larger the loc, the easier it is to take down without cutting. Some people have their locs taken down every few years or so.

I agree that rancid dreads need to be taken down and started from sctatch if you just want a loc style, but I'm still disappointed that he didn't even try to have her locs professionally removed (but they have no problem putting chemicals on the hair or bleached highlights) It just shows you that some stylists still do what's easy as opposed to putting in the actual work and saving the clients length.
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That's kind of what I was wondering about. I thought at first he might cut it off about shoulder length and undo the rest, but he sawed through them right at the root. I figured once done, they could not be undone, or hers were SO thick and matted he just couldn't deal with it. She had nice curls when he was done, they were just way short, like his hair.