i didn't see the show BUT i just cut my locs yesterday (locs is more preferable than saying dreads)...i had been locking almost 6 years and i'd had one other major cut this may. back in may mine were past my bra strap. mine were well kept, smelled clean and were pencil sized or smaller. i work in a professional environment and teach at the gym and had no problem with looking professional in either environment. i had them retwisted every 3-4 weeks especially as it got longer. i ALWAYS got attention with my hair because it was so different. that said, i wanted a change and ultimately decide to cut it completely off as opposed to trying to salvage some of the length (like 4-6 inches). i feel it was best. i have about an inch of hair. my hair is very course, coily, nappy and was perfect for locs. what i have left is healthy and thick. we'll see what happens as my hair grows out again. i had loose natural hair before but half the products discussed here weren't on the market, neither was the no poo concept...i'm hoping for softer hair.
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