Did you ever encountered books that improved your life, made it easier or helped you gain confidence in yourself?

I heard about Louise L. Hay and it seems to be a very good author telling helpful things.
Do you know other books, good authors or stories that are helping to find his own way in life
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My mother was diagnosed with arthritis 9 yrs ago. She has always been a very critical and judgemental woman with a lot of self-loathing. I was headed down the very same path.

I came across Louise L. Hay -You Can Heal Your Life and was blown away by the thought pattern she considers the cause of arthritis - Criticism and resentment. That one line caused me to take stock of my life.

I became a bit of a self-help book junkie for a couple years until I was given a Course in Miracles which is the only "self-help" book I read now.

Although I wonder if Curltalk is its own form of self-help. Hmmm.....
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I'm reading/doing the Course right now. AMAZING! Talk about life changing! I'll never be the same and neither will my family because of what I'm learning.

Before that I'd have to say "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz defiantly changed how I lived my life and related to other people.
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