I was just at Target and noticed this new shampoo and conditioner that says something like "curl to straight" - and it says it loosens the curl.... Of course, for all I know , it could be out now for 6 mos and I have no clue!
anyone try it out yet??? I know it's not natural and it does have dimethicone, among other things... Just wondering if anyone has experimented just yet????

Tara - have a curly day!!!

LA Looks Curl Gel, Sauve Naturals conditioners Waterlily, CK, Deva Archangel , LOOB (has its days)...
Deva One - LOVE it!!!!!!!

Botticelli's Flax Seed Hair Gel (a DIY!!!) THANKS Botticelli!!!!!!
Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Creme (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!)
Shea Moisture Smoothie - GREAT stuff!

for the love of the lens...