I agree with halfwavyhalfcurly, I recently moved and had to completely revamp my hair protocol. I was living in Colorado where water quality is quite good and my hair looked good no matter what I did to it. Now that I live in Utah however where the water is as hard as it gets, I find that I need to use much more moisturizing conditioners, that amodimethicone is now my best friend, and that I REALLY need to shampoo once a week or so. I went for 5 months in Colorado on a strictly CO routine, so really what works in one place might not in another no matter what your hair type.

Also, in response to the OP Personally I think CO can be done with cones on a limited basis. In colorado I used to use a cone-laden conditioner once a week or so and as long as I didn't go overboard and avoided cones the rest of the time, they seemed to slowly strip away over time and I never had any buildup from them. I'd try out CO, get some cone-free condish of some sort and a coney one just to see how it goes. It can work wonders depending on your water quality. Also, a coco-beatine shampoo will get out a lot of cones so it might be worthwhile as well.
Fine Wavy (2a)
Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.