I'm going to do the CG routine. Or at least see how it works with my hair. I also had put up another thread where they said my hair is 3B. Seems to fit.

I ended up getting suave's aloe condish, and it seems to work. I washed it out with my sweetie's apple stuff from suave, and can say that that was literally the first time I've actually felt my HAIR instead of the stuff built up on it in as long as I can remember. . . EW! I followed up with HE's set me up gel, which seemed to work well Best hair day I've had in ages. It even surprised me with something I didn't think it knew how to do. It BENT when I pulled some of it out. As in, I held a few inches of hair away from my head and they fell gracefully instead of sticking out in a straight line like they always do>_>

This morning I conditioned it again and put some more gel in, but I didn't spend as much time combing it through, so it ended up crunchy in a couple of spots where it was basically pure gel. Ah well, tomorrow I can do better with it. The only thing I was disapointed about was that I was gonna do my hair up nicely tomorrow at work with one of the styles in the CG book, but wal mart was closed after I got off of work tonight so I couldn't get the stuff I'd need to do it. I've only got scrunchies(cloth covered, though they've got a "rough" pattern, so I think I may need different ones?)

Something else I was wondering. I work near food, so I need to at least have my hair back while I'm at work a lot of the time. What sort of things can I do with long(with defined curls right a bit past my bra line) to keep it out of the way? Ponytails and buns all the time are just boring :P