Very glad to hear you're already getting results! Just a word of caution: if you see your hair start to act funny CLARIFY, Suave COs have a tendency to build up quickly on some people's hair (I believe it may have to be with how hard the water is).

The scrunchies you got may or may not work, however, the velvety or satiny ones are better IMO.

Next time you have crunch you can try to gently scrunch it off with your hand, rub just a tad of lotion in your hands first so the hair won't get fly away.

It sounds like you got the book already... if so, I'd suggest the style on page 107, when my hair was long that was my favorite one, I think it has a simple kind of romantic sophistication. Or if you have bobby pins just pin the sides behind your ears. Here you can see some pics that may inspire you to try your own version: The model they feature had nearly straight hair so *we* don't have to roll our hair. You can see many more by just entering the words "half updos" on Google (or any other search engine).
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