Hey everyone! Iím new to this site (my mom found it thanks to good old Google when we were looking for new haircuts for me) and I just wanted to announce myself. My name is Ariana and Iím 16 and have hated my hair for just about my entire life.
Every time I meet new people theyíre like ďoh I just love your hair! Itís so beautiful!Ē and Iím like ďoh, thanks. Itís a pain to take care of though. I hate it.Ē And then they seem surprised. So a few months ago I went through some old pictures of me when I was younger and realized that my hair was nicer when I was a little kid. Why itís not perfectly curled anymore I have no idea but I want to try to take care of my insane monster-brain eating hair and try to get it back to its healthier days. Iím pretty sure that Iím a type 3c hair and I am bi-racial (quarter black if that counts lol ). Anyway I hope Iím posting this right and I was just wondering if anyone had any early-on advice for me thatís quick, easy, and affordable.
óAriana Storm a.k.a CurlStorm_13