Hello fellow curlies!

I can't believe I've never had an account here or posted before but my hair is going all wonky on me and since I officially hit "middle-agedom" today I've really been wanting to have hair that gets compliments again. To top that off, we've moved from my lovely NV back to CA where there's much more humidity and my hair is protesting. I'm so depressed here.

My hair is changing a bit, must be those middle-age hormones but now I'm getting new curls up front where it previously was straight.

I believe I have a combination of 3a/3b hair. Very curly up front at the temples and almost straight for a few inches from near the forehead to the back of the head. I know, I know.

I was thinking about purchasing one of the curly cocktails but I'm not sure whether I should get the 3a or the 3b package.

Okay, well, see you on the other forums.

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