I've had bangs for thirty (!) years. I can't figure out how to wear them now that I'm keeping my hair curly. If I straighten them (which I don't want to do) they look really stupid and don't go with the rest of my hair.
I've tried pulling back the canopy with a bobby pin or barette and letting a few curls hang on my forehead, but I can't get them to look right. My bangs don't curl well, and kind of hang in a weird way-off to one side. It looks stupid to have one curl in the middle of my forehead.

What do you do with your bangs to make them "go" with the rest of your hair?

Also, I'm trying to grow out my canopy. It's about chin length now. I wear my hair parted to the side, but when it gets windy out it looks like a mess. Any styling ideas?

Thank you!