MJ..you were wrong..My grandmother passed last month and yet I still called you to let you know how I was doing...yet you get mad at me for what..because you had an effing card party two days after her funeral and I stayed for an hour..well excuse me for nourning my loss..I am so sorry I will never be a goodie two shoes priss pot such as yourself..I can't help it if there is a world outside of this boring little-depressed dump and I want to be a part of it..you made your bed now you have to lie in it.I called you when Iheard that your car was stolen I called you three times..and you you have yet to return my calls..How dare you say that I will never amount to anything..At least I try and I will keep trying..I am moving and that is all there is..Just because you want to stay does not mean that you have degrade my name..u make me so sick. When u were going thru your divorce I made the time for you and this is what I get..you call and talk to my mother and when she says--I am here you hang up the phone...u will get yours..